JENNIFER Configuration

JENNIFER Architecture

This chapter explains the configuration of JENNIFER 5.

JENNIFER 5 is comprised of data server, view server, agent and client (browser).

When JENNIFER data server and the view server are installed separately, the TIMEZONE of each server should be identical, and the time gap between two servers should be less than 10 seconds. Otherwise, the servers will not work properly.

Data server collects and accumulates data collected by the agent, while the view server plays the role of a provider enabling the user to view the accumulated data efficiently. The agent is installed on the Application Server (JAVA, .NET, PHP) as a module to fulfill the role of collecting basic performance data, while the client (browser) receives data from the view server and displays the received data to the user.

JENNIFER Architecture

What is Domain in JENNIFER?

Domain is defined as a group of multiple Instances that can be monitored through a single associated performance. Domain is also the most significant unit to search and save data.

Domain is comprised of multiple Instances in which JENNIFER agent is installed, and it is recommended to organize such grouped Instances as a significant unit. In other words, Domain is a group of Instances that perform the same activity.

In terms of Data, Domain is the unit with the largest range to measure the number of visitors/concurrent users. It is recommended to group the number of visitors and concurrent users by a significant unit.

The valid range of Domain ID is an integer from 1 to 32767. As Domain ID is a value that is referred to by both the Data Server and the View Server, it is necessary to operate the Domain ID individually even if multiple Data servers are operated.

In addition, it is possible to access up to 100 Instances per Domain. When 100 Instances are registered in the list, access by a new agent is denied.

What is Instance in JENNIFER?

Instance is the unit of installing JENNIFER agent, and is the basic unit to collect and monitor the actual data.

Instance Name

Name of Instance to be displayed on the screen

Instance ID

The only key to store data by the unit of Instance

The valid range of inst_id (Instance ID) is an integer from 1 to 32767. It is not possible to search existing data when the Instance ID is changed. In addition, when accessing the same Domain with the same Instance ID, the data for the latter Instance is not collected.

Configuration of Installation Directory for JENNIFER 5

You can download JENNIFER 5 installation package from the website. Download file for the JENNIFER data server and the view server and download jennifer-agent-java[php,net] file for the agent.

In each directory, there are executable files and configuration files.

Descriptions of directories



Agent director for the JAVA version

Agent directory for the .NET version


Agent directory for the PHP version

Directory for JENNIFER data server


Directory for JENNIFER view server

Configuration of Items to Be Delivered to JENNIFER Customers

The items that are delivered to the customer at the time of purchasing JENNIFER are as follows.